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Reviews and use of interactive areas

The site allows its users to submit or send material or reviews about their own personal experiences, also the publication of other types of notices. Review Escorts assumes no responsibility for said content sent by the user. Review Escorts, however, reserves the right to delete, at its own discretion, without warning, the User’s content and/orthe Site’s Content according to the provisions stated in these terms of use.
Below are examples of the types of user content deemed illegal or forbidden.

The list includes User reviews that:
- are clearly offensive towards the community, for example messages that promote racism, fanaticism, hate or physical violence against any group or individuals;
- harassing or incitement to harass any person;

- transmission of promotions, mass mailings or unsolicited emails or “spam”;

- have offensive or defamatory content;

- contain information that the user knows to be false and misleading such as promoting illegal activities or threatening and abusive conduct;

- promote or contain an illegal unauthorized copy of works by other parties protected by copyright;

- provide instructions on illegal activities, such as, violation of privacy of other individuals;

- encourage actions susceptible to being considered as offences, that entail civil responsibilities, or against the law that damages the rights of any person.

Review Escorts reserves the right to modify at any time the site contents, just as it can perform checks and take suitable action against those who violate these terms of use and/or the applicable laws, including, for example, removal of an offensive remark or prohibit the guilty party use of the site. If because of the user’s content is
deemed illegal (by civil or penal law), Review Escorts, on being contacted by
the damaged party, will immediately begin a deletion and/or blocking process
towards the illegal content and will collaborate with the competent authority,
if required.

Publishing a review on the site, the user gives Review Escorts, without possibility of revoke except without infringing his basic rights to which the Privacy policy, the right to use such content.
That can be read, copied, published, translated and distributed by any means
and way, including third parties for advertising and promotional activities
pertinent to the services offered by the site.

Notice and takedown

Review Escorts in compliance with the law, adopts a procedure for notice and takedown of user content or site content, which violate the rights of others. If you have an objection or a complaint concerning the material contained on this site, including published user reviews, or rather you believe that the material and the content published on this site damages your copyright, we kindly invite you to contact us without hesitation via the Contact form. If you are an Escort, login to your reserved area and write to us via the contact section.