Review Escorts has prepared this Privacy Policy as it gives great value to the sites Users’ privacy rights and wants to provide them information on the type of data it collects via the site, also to which ends and the way this data is treated.

As indicated in our site’s Terms and conditions, the term “User/s” includes the users, registered or not (“Members”) who use the site to search and/or review a professional of the various categories (escort, trans etc.) (jointly, “Escort”), as well as the Escorts present on Review Escorts’s data base and use the various services offered by the site.

We strongly suggest all users to read this policy very carefully before giving Review Escorts any personal data and to consult frequently this page, in order to know of possible variations or changes that may be applied to this policy, mainly relating to changes in the law.

By accessing this site, every user declares and recognises to be aware of the terms and conditions of this policy and of the possible changes applied to it. We would also like to remind that third party sites, that can be referred to at designated links on this site, are regulated by a privacy policy separate from this one. For any questions regarding this policy, every user can get in touch with us via the contact form (if you are a registered or non registered user). If you are a registered Escort on the site, please go into your reserved area “for Escort” and write to us via the contact section.



The information systems and the software procedures used for the functioning of the site, acquires during normal operation, some personal data of which the transmission is implicit when the using the internet.

It is information that is not collected to be associated to specific parties, but by their own nature may, by calculations and associations with data held by third parties, to allow user identification.

This category of data includes IP addresses, or dominion names used by user’s computers who connect to the Site, URI (Uniform Resource Identifiers) notation addresses of the requested information, the time of the request, the method used to make the web server request, the size of the reply file obtained, the numeric code indicating the answer status from the web server (successful, error etc.) and other parameters relating to the operative system and every users’ operating environment. This data is used by Review Escorts only to recover anonymous statistical information for the site’s usage and correct operation by the company.

We advise users that the site utilizes cookie technology. For more information on the subject, we suggest going to section 7 below.


The primary objective of this site is to provide members a valuable instrument for information and an exchange of opinions regarding the quality of Escorts who publish their ads online. To such ends Review Escorts collects and indexes automatically certain data (telephone number, photo, (if present on the source site), age, city, type) published online, provided voluntarily, from Escorts already listed on main search engines (Google etc.). This is data made manifestly public by the Escorts and that at the time of collection and saving on Review Escorts’s server, do not lead back to the individuals in question. However, the data, due to its nature, via calculations and associations with data held by third parties, allow identification of the said Escort.



If a member chooses to register on the site, he will be able to add new content and participate with other functionalities provided for registered user members.

As well as that, he will also be able to personalize the use of the site. The advantages of registering will increase over time with new additions to the site, thanks to the improved knowledge of the requirements of our community members on behalf of Review Escorts’s Team. We invite our users to register to the site so they can use at best all that Review Escorts has to offer.At the time of registering, every member must supply the following personal information:

- name (visible on the site);

- email address;

- password;

- county/city (information required to send to the member interesting information on the selected area).

Additionally, the compilation of forms or modules published on the site, in general the spontaneous release of information via email and/or using the tools on the site itself or where indicated, may involve a successive acquisition by the company of additional personal member data, that will be used for the following purposes.

The account and contributions of Review Escorts Members will be published and will be identified via a chosen nickname at the time of registration. Review Escorts invites its members to choose a nickname that is not easily associated with their name and surname.


If an Escort decides to register on the site, for example to reply to reviews about her, the following personal data will be requested in the registration form:

- telephone number;

- name (that will be visible on the site);

- email address;

- password.

If an escort decides to buy the services provided by the site (for example a profile), she will have to supply further personal data required in the registration form, such as: age, category, city, location where users are received, presentation, availability, as well as information regarding physical features, services offered and if available the URL of their website, links and video. The personal data collected will be processed by Review Escorts for the following purposes below.

WARNING: all the data, that reveals the sexual activity of the mentioned individual, is SENSITIVE DATA. Before giving us your consent to collect your data, read this Policy carefully.

Use of information


Other than the details held in this policy. The personal data automatically taken by the site or given voluntarily from the users by filling the site’s windows or forms and/or by using the services provided (the data) will be treated Review Escorts. In person, by its active legal representative, who will act as Owner of the data treatment with reference to its services offered via the site and as requested by the user and for the functioning of these connected activities, as well as for the pursuit of the following purposes below.


The data will be processed by the Owner for the following purposes:

(A) Escort data collected automatically from the site, to allow the users of Review Escorts to search for an Escort and read/submit reviews about her, also to allow the Review Escorts Team to contact the Escorts present on the site’s database in order to illustrate Review Escorts’s advertising services;

(B) Data given spontaneously by the Users:

- allow members and Escorts to register to the site and access its services:

- for administrative purposes connected to the function and the supply of services by the site, specifically, the fulfilment of the activities necessary and/or connected to the management and handling of requests sent by users via the site and/or through another communication device (via email or by phone), to satisfy the users credit rights;

- to fulfil legal requirements, European regulations, or requests made by the authorities or surveillance and control agencies under the titles of inspection and prevention of cyber crimes;

- In order to fulfil the requests made, each time by users via the site or other communication devices for instances different to the preceding point (ii);

- send via email and messages, information for products and/or similar services given on the site. This may include newsletters, rankings, statistical data or other materials requested by users. Other than these messages, if the email has been provided, the Owner of the data treatment may use the users’ contact details to send offers from Review Escorts’s partners.

- To define the profile of each member, on the basis of the preferences held in the selected geographical area, in this way to personalise the site, allow the member to connect automatically to the site , without having to enter username and password every time, or without having to ask if he is adult every time the site is accessed, sending information specific to the areas of interest chosen.

- In relation to the points above, the data treatment will occur manually, using computers and telecommunications, persons specifically chosen to manage the treatment, according to the terms of the - . - Privacy code, with logic systems applied to the ends specified and only for the time necessary to meet these ends, and also, in any case, for intellectual and technical reasons, the security and privacy of the data by utilizing suitable procedures that will not allow data loss, unsanctioned access, unlawful use and distribution of this data, as specified in the following section relating to data security.

We would like to inform users that the information sent via email that is via other means, to the addresses shown on the site could be kept for a necessary period of time to satisfy the requests and/or provide answers to the questions given, and also to improve the services on the site.

We will not use personal user data for other purposes other than those specified herein, specifically to send communications not requested by the users themselves or for those who have not given consent, as required by law. With specific reference to email communications see previous point (b)(v), the user, whereas in the moment of giving the data, has given his consent for the treatment of data, may oppose at any time any further treatment according to the procedure shown in every communication sent.

The data will not be given nor made available to third parties, except for cases where the communication is expected by law or where requested by a decision made by judicial authorities or other public authority.

The data will be kept on the Owner’s server/database, which guarantees an adequate level of protection and, in any case, not below the European Privacy Laws.

Data transfer

We inform all users that data transfer is required to the purposes shown in the previous section (ways and purpose of treatment), points b) – (iv) as well as for the data transfer abroad for backup purposes, in consequence in such cases a possible refusal of transfer will result in the non-fulfilment of requests , from case to case , sent by users as well as the impossibility for the user to subscribe to the site and use its services.

Referring to the to the transfer of data shown in the previous section (ways and purpose of treatment), b) points (v) and (vi), we shall ask the user to show his consent by selecting the appropriate boxes.

To such purposes, data transfer is not obligatory and the user may give his consent or not by selecting the appropriate boxes on the site.

Data Security

All data will be treated in full accordance with our Privacy rules and preventive security measures are in place to safeguard the privacy, integrity, completeness, and availability of the user’s data.

Access to data is limited only to those charged with pursuing the ends of “purpose and methods of data treatment services” moreover other processes (like password hashing, audit logs, and conclusion of inactive sessions) to protect data from unauthorized access.

User rights

All users, may at any time exercise their rights recognised to them by our Privacy rules, relating to data treatment on the site.

Specifically, all users may request the owner:

a) Source of the data

b) The purpose and handling of the service

c) logic applied in the processing performed by electronic devices

d) The data owner’s identification details, the privacy representatives or appointees

e) Individuals or categories of individuals to which the data can be shared or be made aware of as designated privacy representatives or appointees.

All users have also the right to obtain:

a) Updating, correction, or when necessary, data integration

b) cancellation, anonymization or blocking the data if processed unlawfully, including data not required to be stored relating to the purposes for which the data is collected or treated at a later time

c) The declaration that the operations for which letters a) b) have been brought to light even regarding their content of which the data has been communicated or distributed, except the case that such fulfilment is impossible or requires disproportionate use of tools compared to the protected rights.

We would like to remind that all users have the right to oppose totally or partially to data treatment for legitimate reasons or for sending advertisements or direct selling or market research, commercial communications.

The aforementioned rights may be used by users at any time.

1) For registered users via the “Delete Profile” function in their reserved area.

2) Escorts via the contact area in the reserved in Review Escorts for Escort.

In the first case, the user will have his account deleted, the Owner will send a confirmation email. After receiving this confirmation, the data relating to the user will be deleted from the site’s database, except the reviews sent by the members that will remain on the site anonymously as stated in the site’s terms of use

Cookie Policy

In the second case, the Escort will be required to subscribe to the portal, if not done already, and authenticate herself. In the case of deletion request, after checking the legal requirements, the data relating to the Escort will be deleted from Review Escorts’s database. It being understood, for Escorts regarding the removal of their personal profile from the site, Review Escorts reserves the right to keep the Escort’s phone number that has used the free trial period for a period up to a maximum of 12 months and also without a making purchase and after its expiry, of any subscription. The preservation of such data allows Review Escorts to avoid new and unsanctioned uses of the free trial period on behalf of Escorts who have already used this option.

For more information on how an Escort may remove her data (as well as the ones recorded automatically from the site, also the ones given voluntarily at the time of registering to the site) we suggest to look at the FAQs or the reserved area on Review Escorts for Escort.

The update and/or adjustment of the data provided at the time of registration by users may also be done directly by accessing their reserved area.

With regards to web navigation, we advise that the site uses cookies to make its services more simple and efficient for users who visit and use the site and its pages. Cookies are small information units which the Website places on your computer's hard disk. Cookies contain information that the Website uses to make the communication between you and your web browser more efficient. The cookie does not identify you as an individual user but identifies your computer. Cookies contain information that allow it so store the users navigation preferences in order to personalize his/hers browsing experience.

Cookies can for example make more immediate the use of the site and/or activate some functions. For example, cookies help to avoid re-entering the same information repeatedly when visiting the site such as the username and password relating to the account.

The cookies collected by browsing the site consist only of technical cookies, necessary to allow a safe and efficient browsing experience and make use of all its functions.

The owner may use cookies for statistical reasons to provide an improved browsing experience by users. In this instance, only anonymous cookies will be used.

There are two types of cookies - session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary bits of information which are deleted when you exit your web browser. (i)Persistent cookies are more permanent bits of information that are stored and remain on your computer until they are deleted. (ii) Session cookies delete themselves after a certain period of time but are renewed each time you visit the website.

In any case, we do not use third party cookies, only the ones that belong to the site and owner as indicated above.

In accordance with the law, it is not required to have consent to install first party technical cookies as they are necessary to provide the services requested. These are installed automatically by the site when users first visit the site, except when the user decides to disable them following the procedure given by the browser installed on the computer. However by not accepting the cookie, the browser may not perform correctly not only when visiting the site but also visiting others. As cookies don’t allow to identify users, we suggest to accept the installation to enjoy the full functionality of the site.